How do you like the new year so far? And those resolutions…what happened to those? Keeping them? Ah, good. Really? Well sort of. Okay.

Frankly, there are times when I would like a do-over! You know, start this year over, get it started right without all this “stuff”. You know the “stuff” I mean. Things not going exactly the way you planned, or perhaps your cold morphed into something that has lasted too long. Or maybe car trouble, kid trouble, trouble at work, trouble with your computer or other gadgets. You name it, things just didn’t go the way you planned it. Do you know what that’s called? LIFE!

 George du Maurier makes this point in his book Trilby, “Life ain’t all beer and skittles, and mores the pity.” Yes we would like a nice smooth unfolding of our lives, no rough spots, no conflicts, no needs that couldn’t be met. Yeah, sure. That would be so…what? Cool? No. Easy? No. Perfect? No! How about boring? How about unsatisfying. How about unlived! No challenge to rise above. No need or opportunity to go beyond yourself. In short an incomplete person! A person incapable of empathy. Maybe even incapable of truly loving others. God bless the rough and tough times that help mold us.

 So, how do you like the year so far? I’m excited!