Whatever is untrue, whatever is unholy, whatever is unjust, whatever is ugly, whatever is of ill repute, whatever is vicious, whatever is cowardly, whatever is unfair…write of these things, speak of these things, think of these things, instill in the minds of others all these things.

These seem to be the watchwords or stocks in trade of the media, of our political landscape, of stress between peoples.    Discrimination, racism, sexism, and all other  “ism”s that subtly, and not so subtly, work their way into our awareness and cling to narrow and literal definitions of “Christian”, while forsaking the core of Christianity – love.

How can this be a foundation for a better world?  Whatever happened to Paul’s admonishment to think and act on what is noble, what is right, what is true?  How can we celebrate the goodness of God’s creation if our minds are filled with ideas, thoughts and images of areas of this world that WE have made ugly?

I read again the prayer of St. Francis, and wonder if in this environment one can survive being an “instrument of God’s peace”?  Is it possible for truth to overcome error and falsehood, and hope and joy overcome despair and sadness?

The answer is YES!  It is always yes.  Our doubt is dispelled through faith, when we pardon, we are pardoned.  When we love others, we are loved.  When we forgive, we are forgiven, and when we seek to understand, we are understood.

Here is the rub:  We pardon.  We love.  We forgive.  We seek to understand.   These are things that we initiate, that we actively do…action.  When we pardon, love, forgive, etc. others and it is not returned…what then?  Do not dwell on that, only on what is right and what is true.  Be at peace.