For those of us who have binged on the speeches and talking heads of the Republican Convention, my sympathies go out to all of us.  Maybe it was fatigue, maybe it was a little outrage, maybe it was a carryover from my study of Revelation, but last night, at some point in the final session, waiting for DJT to accept the nomination, I had this fantasy.  My apologies in advance should I offend anyone.

Here Goes — At the end of his speech, Donald J Trump does not accept the nomination! The Republican Party is thrown into chaos.  The Democrat Party thinks its a trick! The Quicken Loans Arena is wrecked by shocked delegates.  Even the police are stunned.  The previously fireproof Cuyahoga River bursts into flames.  Satan suddenly appears and volunteers to be the Republican candidate, and is nominated by acclamation by the child-like puppy dogs following the leadership of Reince Priebus. The skies open up and we see the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse coming to vote.  Suddenly, the image of a man all clothed in bright light appears and we are blinded by the light and revved up like a deuce (?).  Then, coming out of the blinding light is another figure, a sinful woman, all in white, approaching to save us all.  Hallelujah!

Thousands upon thousands begin to flock to Cleveland so that it slowly settles into Lake Erie to be cleansed, and the lake becomes the place of baptisms for the whole world.  Pilgrims flock to the site, and happy hour is redefined in terms of margaritas, bloody marys and sourdough bread with cheese dip.  The woman in white is redeemed of her sins, which are forgiven.  The multitude shouts hallelujah.  The Four Horsemen fall on their faces and give homage to the new order.  And the world is at peace.  Amen.  But, wait, a shout goes up:  On To Philadelphia!  Oh, my!

Dear reader, I hope that your imagination and your sense of humor are intact.  My intention now is to binge-watch the Democrat Convention, and who knows what fantasy, provoked by all that hot air, might emerge.  Time will tell.  Watch this space.

For What It’s Worth.