The beautiful tulips that has adorned my blog header recently was there to remind us that sometime (months from now?) the snow will be gone and the beauty of the sleeping world will take center stage.   I am reminded of a line from Bette Midler’s hit “The Rose” which speaks of  new growth under all the snow that will come alive with spring and get all showy with blooms.  Something to think about for all us “cabin fever” sufferers.

If you enjoyed those tulips, you should see the total display at Garvan Gardens just south of Hot Springs Arkansas, where this picture was taken.  This year will see some 130,000 bulbs in full bloom and it will be spectacular!  If you want a really good look at what Spring can bring, take a trip to Garvan Gardens.  You won’t regret it.  That is Stan’s Guarantee.

Of course, we first have to get the ice off of Arkansas!  Then all in due time comes the planting.  All in due time.  And that, my friends, is the rub.  That little phrase “all in due time” taxes our patence.  We can’t wait to see the snow go…yet we must.  We can’t wait for the crocuses to pop their heads among the dead leaves… yet we must.  Some of us have this crazy idea that we can’t wait for the grass to show and grow and we have to mow…yet we must.  Even the golf course is waiting under all that snow and so we wait.  Sigh.