Referencing my previous Blog “Are You Immortal” — Totally apart from C.S. Lewis, the Olympics (now history, thankfully), those pesky ancient Greeks, or even the “direction” you and I are headed, should we really be concerned about immortality?

My daughter tells me that these blogs posted on the internet, will be there in the ether for all times.  Does that make these blogs immortal!  Yikes!.  Maybe I best stop right now!

But seriously, how many of us have thought about how our actions, words, or creative thought might influence others.  There is that story that the flutter of butterfly wings in Brazil will affect the production of grain in Nebraska.  And you think, what are they talking about?  But, perhaps, their point is the interconnectiveness of all things in this small world of ours, linking even in the smallest of ways.  Maybe something said in a blog, triggers a thought process that, in turn, opens up a whole new idea for someone, which in turn…

As I said in that previous blog, “does it matter?”  Not what we think about this idea of personal immortality, but, more importantly, the impact of what we do, say, write, etc. on others.

We hear a lot about “legacies”.  What record the President will leave behind when his term ends.  Or what we leave our children, both in material possessions and those intangibles that influence how the next generation acts out their lives…which may be the most important legacy.

Are such, elements of immortality? Eh!   I have a rocking chair that was handmade by my great-great-great-grandfather years prior to the Civil War!  His name and the product of his hands have been passed within the family over the years and now it resides in the Thomas Marshal Museum in our town.  Is that an example of immortality? Probably not.

Is there such a thing as “cheap immortality”?  Possibly only in our own minds. Maybe what we should be dedicated to is this thing called eternal life!  That is immortality, but it ain’t cheap!  As C S Lewis has said, we are all headed in one direction or another, it is up to us.  Our destination will be shaped by each moment we live.  But how will each moment we live impact others? Consider that.

For What It’s Worth.