Here is a little story for your consideration:

In the adult Sunday School class, Pastor, Noah Tal, was on fire, really into his message from God. We knew that God spoke to Pastor Tal, he had made that clear in his books. He had explained that God had shared with him parts of God’s complicated message. It is a message that Pastor Tal had passed onto us in a series of books which he called “God’s Plan Revealed”.

I have been an avid reader of Pastor Tal’s books, having read all 11 in the series. I must admit that it was interesting reading but I was still left with some questions and not a small amount of confusion.  In each of the books the pastor made it clear that he was simply putting on paper what our Lord and Savior had told him, personally.  That was very impressive but in each book I was left wishing our Lord and Savior had been a little more clear on what His message was to us, according to Pastor Tal.

And now, as Pastor Tal spoke to us, he promised that God’s message would be fully revealed and he was hoping to include that priceless and wonderful message in Book 14. He explained that God intended to share parts of this message so that we would be prepared when we got to that incredible gift that would be contained in Book 14. I have to say that I was very impressed and excited to know that the completion of God’s message would be coming soon.

But, I had many questions. In my own Bible reading, I found myself wondering if the Apostle Paul had it wrong in his letter to the Corinthians where he spoke about love as being the greatest. The more I read of Paul’s letters the less confused I got.  Hmm.

Yet Pastor Tal, in one of the early books in the series, has said that God’s message is incredible but complicated and had to be explained in several steps which he likened to the building of the temple in Jerusalem. First the foundation, each stone cut precisely.  Then the pillars that would hold up the roof, had to be fashioned out of stone with a precise hole cut in the center.  Then these massive stones would be threaded on specially made ironwood poles. Once the roof and the walls were in place the temple gradually became a place of worship. But still there was more work to be done to truly sanctify the temple. God’s message is like the building of the temple, each step is so complicated that a clear explanation had to be made so that people would understand.

I raised my hand and said “Pastor Tal, I’m confused. I have read your books, and I like them. I’ve also been reading Paul’s letters to the churches. Time after time the apostle refers to love as being the greatest. I wonder, Pastor, where love fits into God’s message that he’s sharing with you, which you then share with us in all of those books we bought.”

“Ah, child, I understand your confusion. Sometimes when we look at parts of a complicated issue we miss the whole picture. In my books I am sharing parts of God’s message like pieces of a sacred puzzle. Love is definitely a part of God’s message to us, but it is only part of it. All the pieces of God’s sacred puzzle will be assembled with clarity.  I pray that this will all be laid out clearly in Book 14. Have patience, my child, and get your order in for the books that will prepare you for God’s complete message in the last book in this series.”

I walked away from class, wondering. Why would Paul’s letters comprise such a prominent part of the Holy Bible and yet he would make such a big mistake!?  That didn’t seem to make a lot of sense to my young mind. Pastor Noah Tal had been my pastor for so many years and I think I trusted him. But now I’m beginning to wonder. Is God speaking to him so he could put God’s message into books or is Pastor Noah Tal just selling books? No, that couldn’t be, or could it?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if love were the center piece of God’s message to all of us? That would not be complicated at all.  That would be something even I could understand and share.  Maybe I should pray about this and do more reading in my Bible?

Maybe we should all do that.  Pray for the writers of faith books, the televangelist, even our own pastors.  That seems like a good idea.  God is in charge.  Right? What would God want us to do?  I think that God would want us to love one another.  That’s what I think.

For What It’s Worth.