A small tribute to my sisters.

I was the baby of the family, the youngest of three.  Two older sisters!  So you know it was a hard “knock life” for me!  Yes, it was. I lived it, so I know.  My sisters, on the other hand, thought I was “spoiled”!  Spoiled!!!!  Can you imagine?  If they only knew!

My oldest sister was the brains of the outfit.  Always bringing home good grades, always so quiet with her nose in a book. The ladies in the Church loved her, thought she was mature beyond her years! Even though she was only 6 years older than me, there were times when  she seemed to be a substitute mother.  I recall there were times when we two would just sit and talk!  Can you imagine?  She seemed to know everything a small boy needed to know.  I can still hear her voice!

Now, my other sister, 3 years older than me, looking for all the world like Shirley Temple, was the instigator, the trouble maker! Neighborhood kids would seem to gravitate to our house and she was the organizer and knew of a zillions games that they could play.  Sometimes, I would be invited to be part of the game. But, she was the one who chased me around the house and made my life miserable (some of the time). She was sneaky, too.  Making faces at me behind mother’s back and then acting all innocent.

Dad was a minister, so you know what that meant for us.  We were PKs, branded through out our growing up years. Church every Sunday, Sunday School classes, Lawn Fetes, ice cream socials, dinners in Fellowship Hall, and always on good behavior….well, most of the time.  There was that sister who knew how to pinch and not get caught! Whereas, I always did!  Get caught, that is. There was one time when it caught up with her…

We were sitting in church, I was trying to listen to dad’s sermon (I always did, of course!), and that sister pestered me with her elbows and her pinches!  It was awful!  Then, suddenly, dad was calling both of us down…from the pulpit!  Both of us! SHIRLEY!  STANLEY!  See what I mean?  Causing all kinds of trouble and getting ME in involved!  ME! Quiet, cooperative, friendly me.  Why, I was flabbergasted!

That sister, acted like she was embarrassed, but I knew better. After church she went on a walk, crying fake tears, and all.  What an act she put on! Didn’t fool me, a very wise 6-year-old!

Both of them seemed to be pretty nuts about Frank Sinatra.  My room was next to theirs and that was all I seemed to hear through the walls, other than swooning, and all their friends giggling!  Old blue eyes, but to me he seemed to be just a very skinny guy and I was forced to listen to his songs.

In fairness, I might have been just a tiny bit of a handful.  I don’t know that for sure, but that was my sister’s story, for whatever that is worth.  Also, in all fairness, both of my sisters were always there for me (hate to admit that). I knew that if I was scared, or sad or lonely they would there with open arms. There were times when that was the very best place to be, on their lap, in their arms…safe, loved!

Sisters, who needs them?  I did and still do.

For what it’s worth.